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August Almost Eclipse in Aquarius

images-3Early in the morning Thursday August 18, 2016 we will be graced with a Full Moon in Aquarius countered by the sun in Leo with a near miss of an eclipse. An almost lunar eclipse that could be something else entirely depending on how you look at it. The shadow of our planet will just barely kiss the Moon upping the intensity of this lunation & it’s themes of perception. Each month the Full Moon brings an opportunity to counter opposing forces, to find grace in duality while exploring themes of balance & wholeness. This Moon illuminates how we might shift our perceptions of ourselves, our environment & our shared experience.

The Aquarian aspects are imagination, sharing & community while the Leo emphasizes personal power, leadership & generosity. At this time the energies are supporting spiritual growth, shifting perceptions, finding healing in new ways as well as feeling a sense of empowerment in embracing our authentic self. Being true to your heart, having the courage to respectfully set your boundaries, remaining open to releasing old wounds, finding comfort in connecting with others, allowing perspectives to shift & sharing yourself honestly are all themes swirling during this Moon.

There is an incredible strength & a vastly supportive energy beaming at us from the cosmos at this time. The door is open, the choice is yours. We are supported to finally put old issues behind us, strike out on an adventure, dedicate ourselves to new realities & welcome the world into our lives in ways previously unconsidered. At this time the Aquarius Moon asks that we be open & remember that we are all connected to each other, we are all one family here on planet earth. Kindness, generosity, philanthropy, altruism, truth, acceptance, understanding & unity are the key words to keep in mind.

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