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Jill’s Leo New Moon

Tomorrow August 2, 2016 we are graced with a New Moon in courageous Leo. This is a sign of truth seeking, creativity & finding your path. This is a week for breaking out of old habits, starting a new adventure, creating a masterpiece, finding inspiration or all of the above!

One of my oldest friends, a proud Leo herself, is embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Jill has just turned 50, been left by the love of her life & is finding her self again through summiting 2 of the 7 highest peaks in 2017. She is scared, afraid of failing, fearing her best days might be behind her & pushing forward anyway. She has a beautiful blog where she shares her pains, fears, triumphs & authentic self through brilliant writing & heartfelt experiences. Leo asks us to keep going, find our pride & embrace our strength. Please support my dear friend on her path to rebuild, replenish & redefine her success by joining the 7-2=17 journey; she needs as many likes, shares & comments that she can get! And you just might find yourself inspired too.

the mighty leo: Jill Gleeson

the mighty leo: Jill Gleeson



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