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Virgo New Moon Eclipse

imgres-1Thursday September 1, 2016 we will be graced with a New Moon in Virgo Eclipse as we start a new month & begin to slide into a new season under the influence of the feminine divine. The eclipse energy focuses & strengthens the vibrations at this time & heightens the feeling that it’s time to begin something fresh. But the key to success is not to rush in or let fear dictate our decisions but rather to hone our Virgo traits of practical analysis through mindfulness.

imgres-2I wrote about the Virgo influences here & here. The focus now is on our habits, our routines & our organization. However, there are some other cosmic happenings featuring Neptune (the dreamer) & Saturn (the task master) right now that foster dread & hysteria as our perceptions are challenged & dreams collide with reality. Add to that the fact that the Mercury Retrograde we started into at the beginning of the week will be bringing forward issues for us to deal with & it becomes of utmost importance to think carefully before we act. Frustrating realizations, harsh reality checks & disillusionment abounds while we grapple with our expectations & preconceived notions. This is not the time to jump up on our soap box or leap into battle, now is the time to reflect on what we think we know & allow new perspective to be illuminated.

images-2Be skeptical of your thoughts & feelings, give yourself time to digest & analyze your experience before making any conclusions or decisions. This is a time for slow, thoughtful planning. This is a season for mindful reflection on what is true vs what we would really like to be true. Recognizing exactly what it is you are working with is a gift so that you might better plan for achieving your goals. This Virgo New Moon Eclipse works in your favor to illuminate where exactly you need to realign your priorities & reassess what is meaningful in your life.


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