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Black Libra Moon

Later today September 30, 2016 we will be blessed with a magical Black New Moon in Libra. A Black Moon is the flip side of the Blue Moon, a rare second New Moon in a calendar month which ups this lunations power. I wrote about the Libra themes here & here, ultimately this weekend is about allowing our strong feminine divine energy out to play.

* Sexy * Mystical * Wise * Confident * Intuitive * Blessed * Loving * Creative *

The energies are building now towards the start of something necessary, something new & greatly desired. A change in direction, a renewal of effort, a clear path to your hearts calling, a compelling impetus to something different & better. The Black New Moon wants to show you something, she wants to help you begin on your way. Fanciful dreams suddenly become practical inevitabilities, there is magic in the air & everywhere is POTENTIAL. Every couple of years the cosmic energies align to provide us with a Black Moon, this one has the power to remake your life.

The vibrations this weekend will be supportive & upbeat. This is a time for making a baby, falling in love, reaffirming vows, nesting, appreciating art, nurturing our most precious relationships & empowering ourselves to better connect with our true selves. We will feel ready & excited, surrounded by opportunities & serendipity. Journal, meditate, bring your most loved people together for a delicious meal, brainstorming, be open to inspiration finding you, go to a museum or a concert, welcome the siren song witch will lead you where you are finally ready to go. Trust in this Black Libra Moon to show you the way.

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