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Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Friday September 16, 2016 in the afternoon we will be blessed with a Pisces Full MOON eclipsed by the Sun in Virgo resonating strongly of endings, transformation, culmination & release. As I wrote about here this potent lunation brings about an opportunity to pay attention to our needs, lacks & wants as well as identify that which we must be rid of. With the Eclipse energy amping up the vibration this is a weekend for taking it easy, letting go, breaking up, sleeping late (paying special attention to our dreams), recognizing where change is required & locking self doubt in the basement. It doesn’t matter if no one else agrees, you know what is best.

* Tired * Drained * Harried * Stale * Jaded * Burned Out * Done * Emotional *

It might be a person, a career, a thought pattern, an addiction or some fear that has been holding you back. Clean out your closet, organize your desk, write a letter of resignation, have that long needed talk to set your boundaries. Let go, relieve yourself, unwind, unburden, clear, empty, relinquish. Make space for you & your truth, honor your needs.

*Many of us will be feeling the effects over the next few days so be kind to yourself & others. Be sure to nap, indulge yourself, don’t expect a lot & take the opportunity to sage, enjoy a salt bath, find release & engage in comforting rituals. As always, please contact me if you are in need of some support.




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