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New Scorpio Moon All Hallows Eve

samhain-goddess-the-croneWe are graced today October 30, 2016 with a New Moon in Scorpio which will cast her shadow on & into our Halloween celebrations. This is a New Moon of Magic & Mystery. An occasion for clarity & understanding. A certainty to deepen our connections & celebrate our successes. Both those already had & those yet to come.

The Scorpio energy is powerful, deep & intense, focused on our fears & our greatest desires. At this time the veil is thin & the night beckons with new understanding & adventure. Now is when we reveal ourselves by donning masks & costumes that reflect our inner truth, our actual selves set free to roam. Samhain offers a space in which we can commune with our ancestors, connect more fully with spirit & seek special favor.

This is a New Moon of self-mastery, offering perspective & empowering us to release destructive behaviors. Manifesting will be particularly powerful at this time allowing for great accomplishment & refined planning. We are offered both an opportunity to release & an obligation to embrace. Be grateful for all that you have as well as all that is yet to be yours. Let your light shine, be true to your heart & follow your intuition to harmony with your self & a better understanding of your life path. Blessed Be!



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