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Super Full Moon in Aries

 On Sunday October 16, 2016 we will be graced by a Super Full Moon in Aries heralding the themes of rebellion & surprise into our lives. The veil between our physical world & the spiritual realm is thinning, it’s time to welcome inspiration & magic! Self discovery, transformation & profound changes are in store for many.

The energies of this lunation balance fiery Aries (me & what I need) with nurturing Libra (what is best for others) encouraging emotional discovery, awareness & release in our relationships. We are asked to asses our innermost feelings, come into an understanding of how our internal turmoil effects our outer lives so that we may release the feelings, people & situations that are negatively effecting us. It’s time to stand up for yourself, declare your boundaries & strike out in a new direction.  We must strive to balance our personal needs & the needs of our loved ones, between independence & companionability, between physical desire & emotional needs. This requires thoughtful direct action to create change in our personal dynamics & indicates a tumultuous time. This weekend it’s all about transformation, growth & evolution in our relationships with ourselves & others. Surprises, shocks & invigorating discoveries are in order for many of us over the next few days.

Be mindful of your temper, at this time you may find yourself quicker to anger & less tolerant of others. If you find your emotions stirring up be sure to take a few moments to breath, create space for objective perspective & make sure your not over reacting. And if you find others in your life reacting strongly remember that this Full Moon is a powerful catalyst & many are going to lack the emotional awareness to control their outbursts. Just try to not take things personally, keep your focus on maintaining your own equilibrium & allowing for the emotional releases in as responsible a manner as you can. But it is time to shake things up a little bit, are you ready?



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