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Sagittarius New Moon

Tomorrow November 29, 2016 we will be blessed early in the morning with a New Moon in Sagittarius. This mutable sign is uplifting, optimistic & full of energy. The Archer encourages us to seek a better understanding through higher perspectives, to embark on adventures with excitement & transcend the mundane day to day drag.

Now is a great time to expand your spiritual practice, research alternative modes of thought & be open to brand new ideas. Sagittarius is enthusiastic & will be encouraging us to feel reborn & READY. The Year of Loss is almost at an end, now is when we start to get a real understanding of the necessity of making room for change.

The energy of this lunation is all about looking forward, seeing the light of what is coming & helping to create new beginnings. Meditation, journaling, vision boards & mindful manifesting are great activities for this week. The powerful Sagittarius New Moon will help us transcend what we have endured, move past the turmoil & nurture HOPE into our futures.

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