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Taurus Super Full Moon

mooMonday November 14, 2016 we are graced with a Super Taurus Full MOON countered by the Sun in Scorpio. This particular cosmic alignment might be tricky for many, if you are already reeling emotionally the MOON will ask you to feel even more. However, the bull also brings an opportunity to re-prioritize, re-organize & re-solve. Scorpio insists we seek truth & delve into the unknown depths while Taurus smooths out the challenging energy by offering stability & focused strength. This lunation provides support for self soothing through meditation, mediation & mindfullness. We are offered connection to our truth, to find our grounding through recognizing who/what/where we have been & understanding that true change takes hard work & unwavering attention. This is not the time to jump to conclusions or adhere stubbornly to our pre-conceived notions, the challenge of transformation is you never really know exactly how it manifests but it is always just as it should be. Trust that there is a method to the apparent madness, reality is very rarely what it seems.

cowThis MOON resonates clearly just how incredibly important it is to recognize your needs & attend to them. Take a nap, remove yourself from the noise on social media, indulge in a special desert, go for a walk in nature, find comfort in your relationships, be where you are happiest. Your world is still yours, it’s merely a veil that’s been lifted so you can more fully understand & be better equipped to make real change. Healing through dialog, not dogma. Remove the labels & find the common ground. Support the people who need it most through action not co-misery. Do rather then dwell. Focus on what you are capable of doing instead of what feels insurmountable. Nourish love, for yourself & for others. Surround yourself in fresh flowers, beauty is the tonic for the soul & the MOON insists.

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