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December Gemini Full Moon

Today, Tuesday December 13, 2016 in the evening we are graced with a Full Gemini Super Moon countering the Sun in Sagittarius. I wrote about this combination of energies here and here. Prophetic dreams, intuitions & epiphanies are all heightened at this time so keep your journal handy & practice trusting yourself. It’s a Moon for making room, for letting go of what is holding you back as you come to a better understanding of yourself, of your boundaries & your needs. As we approach the end of 2016 we are given one last opportunity to zero in on the frequency of the Year of Endings & take advantage of it’s vibration as it finishes it’s cycle.

We are preparing for a shift, making room for the blessings to come.

The Full Moon is always known for enhancing emotions & bringing up that which has been buried. Given that this is a Super Moon (extra close to earth & therefore more powerful) many of us will be feeling ourselves deeply in it’s luminosity. We are encouraged to remember our strengths & graces, to accept our power & get comfortable using it to resolve, redirect & release. What is brought forth now is a gift, an offering to find resolution, absolution & harmony.

Any troubling situation, uncomfortable interaction or irritating challenge should be seen as an chance for healing & growth. You are not being punished or doing something wrong, the Moon is illuminating how you can better understand who you are & the power that you wield. These are moments where your ability to shift your perceptions works with your self love & acceptance of yourself to create evolution in your spiritual development, allowing you to become a healthier version of yourself. Embrace who you are & love all that you are even as you evolve. Take a breath, get centered, shift to an objective view & follow the directions of your heart. The light of this Gemini Moon will guide you through.


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