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Full Cancer Moon

Tomorrow January 12, 2017 we will be blessed by a Full Moon in Cancer counter balanced by the Sun in Capricorn. I wrote about this alignment here & here. As the first of the year it is an especially auspicious Moon in the complex sign of the crab. Along with some other cosmic happenings right now, the energy indicates this coming year will be focused on revolution, growth & change.

Cancer is a water sign that resonates strongly with the feminine divine energies of mysticism, empowerment & nurturing. There is no better lunation for a meditative salt bath! The next few days are also prime time to work with your intention setting for the coming year as sensitive Cancer helps you see your goals while the methodical Capricorn energy will assist in planning how to get there. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to work through any highly charged negotiations or relationships that are in need of compromise or resolution. There is a great urgency within this Moon for harmony & cooperation so let it illuminate how best to work through any stuck spaces. Intuitions are high now, listen to your gut & trust your inner guidance.

It’s a New Year! I am offering Tarot Card Readings with a 12 month layout to provide insights into what 2017 has in store just for you. Book your personal reading today! And enjoy the lovely MOON.


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