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New Year Moon

Friday January 27, 2017 late in the evening we will be blessed with a New Moon in Aquarius. I wrote about the energies of this lunation here. This is also the heralding of a New Year in Chinese Astrology, the Year of the red Fire Rooster which brings a welcome change from last years Monkey games. This year it’s all about style as well as substance, form in addition to function, prosperity within purpose.

* creativity * fluidity * synchronicity * flexibility * possibilities * accountability *

The attributes of the Rooster will resonate strongly over the next 12 months: family, loyalty, hard work & flair will all be the focus. Authenticity (or lack of) will be a theme as will strength of character, truth & justice. Stand up proudly for yourself, for what you care about & for those that need supported. Speak clearly, speak up & speak out! This is a year for getting it done, making it happen & doing it all in style.

* participation * pride * spiritual growth * resilience * concentration * abundance *

2017 is a powerful year of the Rooster as well as a 1 year in numerology; a year of fresh starts, exploring & new beginnings with hard work & heart at the forefront. It’s a year of being in the right place at the right time, saying what needs to be said & living your truth. Be kind to yourself & maintain your self-care rituals so that you can be ready to take advantage of the opportunities the Rooster brings. Be ready to strut!





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