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Leo Full Moon Eclipse

Late in the evening this Friday February 10th, 2017 we will be blessed with a Full Moon in lovely Leo balanced by the Sun in affable Aquarius intensified by the first Lunar Eclipse of the year & supported by a dynamic Mystic Rectangle. A most auspicious celestial event indeed! It’s a weekend made for meditation, declaration, adaptation & manifestation.

An eclipse resonates with transformative energy & a Lunar Eclipse tends to focus that vibration at our relationships. With the Mystic Rectangle adding Uranus in Aries & Jupiter in Libra energies into the mix we are offered wisdom & patience, stability & security. This combination encourages us to feel supported enough to make changes, embrace surprises & pay attention to our inner knowing. The focus here is on understanding what we need to release & what we need to hold onto to strengthen our relationships: those we have with others, the one we have with ourselves, the ones we make with our reserves (of energy, wealth, health or love) & empowering our decision making process in what to prune or when to nurture.


Your intuition, your guides & your gut will all be a harmonious choir over the next few days so pay attention, listen, trust enough to follow. Eclipse energy has a habit of putting you right where you need to be so even if you don’t recognize the landscape you are not lost! One of our greatest challenges is to release expectation about how things happen & allow them to happen in our best good. Confidence will be a big theme as will creativity (Leo) & the (Aquarius) ability to discern without becoming overwhelmed. It’s a great time to recognize when you are being helped to create what you want & release what is getting in your way into the light of the MOON.


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