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New Moon in Pisces Eclipse

This Sunday morning February 26, 2017 we will be blessed with a New Moon in mystical Pisces amped up with a Solar Eclipse. A New Moon is always a time of beginnings & initiations; a time when we can sing out our dreams & have the support of the cosmos to envision them into reality & the eclipse will just intensify this dynamic. With the Pisces (visionary, artistic, compassionate & intuitive) influence we have a great opportunity to find new ways to solve old problems, create new projects & see our way clearly towards our goals. It’s time to manifest!

Take advantage of the creative energies that are bubbling around us this weekend. Use the magic of shifting perspectives to heal your old wounds & accomplish your new goals. Be inspired to change directions & allow the fluidity of this water sign to give flexibility to your momentum. Remember that you heart has a direct line to Spirit, you are always (unconsciously) in conversation about what you want & need. Now is the time to refine those desires to better (consciously) communicate what it is you are in search of. Is it a new job or a new career? Are you looking for comfort or support? Do you want more abundance or less restriction? Focus on the feelings of what you want, reflect on the purpose of your goals, envision more clearly what it is you seek & be open to inspiration to lead you more directly.

The positive energies of the Fish include taking a leap of faith, accepting imperfections, using your imagination & sharing your dreams with others. Don’t forget that creation is fun! Enjoy yourself as you move through your experience & invite others to celebrate with you. Use the focused energy of this eclipse to invigorate your evolution. Be inspired, creative & in joy. It is a time of limitless possibilities in the light of the Pisces New Moon. Allow for everything.


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