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Full Virgo Moon

Sunday March 12, 2017 we are blessed with a Full Moon in Virgo countered by the Sun in Pisces. This highlights the balance between Thought & Feeling, Reason & Emotion, between Calculated & Chaotic. This particular lunation encourages us to think through how we feel, to be objective with our emotions & direct in our intentions. We are offered solace by the light of the Virgo Moon with an opportunity to make sense of it all.

There are cosmic alignments this weekend that may trigger irritations, frustrations or healing for some of us. Remember that these experiences are guideposts to help you focus on what is limiting your progress. Thoughtful attention to those people, places & things that are rubbing you the wrong way will help you identify & resolve what is holding you back. The Moon asks that you notice, that you regard, that you open yourself to new understandings & unfolding awareness. Be open to the light of this Virgo Moon illuminating your best path forward. Trust when you know you know. And remember that you don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you are in need of guidance or support.



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