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Libra Full Moon

Early in the morning Tuesday April 11, 2017 we will be blessed wth a Full Moon in lovely Libra countered by the Sun in assertive Aries. The energy of this MOON focuses our attention on our relationships (with ourselves, our money, our work, our fellow humans) asking if we are getting as much as we are giving, testing if we are setting healthy boundaries & balancing our needs (Aries) with others (Libra).

There are also some intense cosmic happenings with strong themes of transformation, manifestation & exploring creative expression.

This is when we can capitalize on Mercury’s retrograde to reflect inwards to recognize destructive habits, heal emotional wounds & clear the old patterns so that we can resurrect ourselves into more empowered & happy beings. Venus asks that our healing be centered on the concepts of love & money, focusing on how we dialog & express our needs, wants & desires.

Libra wants you to be happy & healthy. Libra wants you to help each other & support one another. Libra wants you to balance what works with what is necessary. Libra wants you to find prosperity through service. Libra wants you to have all that you want while encouraging you to share all that you are.

The healing power of this MOON is evolutionary & revolutionary. Spend some time with your healer, your therapist, & yourself working through the themes of relationships & boundaries. Get energy work, meditate, journal, take a salt bath, & process through whatever comes up. Connect with the child who still lives in your heart, remember when you knew that caring for yourself & caring for others are two sides of the same coin.

And you don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you are feeling inspired to work with me for Reiki, for Guidance or for Support.

Libra found at Cosmikdust: Art Inspired by the Cosmos

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