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Full Scorpio Moon

Tomorrow May 10th, 2017 we will be blessed by a Full Moon in Scorpio countered by the Sun in Taurus. The theme of this lunation is grace in mysteries revealed, growth through pruning.

* metamorphosis * revelation * shedding * enlightenment *

Scorpio resonates with mysticism, passion, & discovery while Taurus focuses us on security & strength. This alignment is encouraging us to feel confident as we look deeper & uncover a better understanding so that we can readily accept what must change, allowing us to move forward into greater synchronicity with our goals. We are supported in this as well by Mercury (communication) & Venus (love & finances) becoming clearer & more focused with their forward momentum.

This Moon is perfect for rumination, detoxification, & fresh beginnings. Letting go & resolving will come easier this week. Whether you are looking to expand your spiritual understanding or tap into the powerful energies of the universe to manifest your desires, it is all about recognizing what can be created through compassionate release. Find yourself welcoming the energy of evolution with equanimity in the light of this Full Scorpio Moon.


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