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May New Moon in Gemini

Today May 25, 2017 we are blessed with a New Moon in quixotic Gemini. When the night sky is dark & the emanations of a New Moon stir in us we are encouraged to embark on a different path, begin anew, embrace a fresh start.

* articulating * understanding * socializing * listening *

Loquacious Gemini is the sign of the twins & brings an opportunity to understand yourself better through the reflective mirror of your environment. We attract what we are but more importantly we attract reflections of what we think we are so using the ruminative energy of this lunation we can get a better perspective on what thoughts may be holding us back & how we can utilize our gifts to master our lives more fully. Don’t be afraid to look, it’s only you staring back. Know thyself!

* intuition * reflection * communication * connection * inspiration *

This is a time for self discovery, inspired insights, for recognizing our challenges, optimizing our strengths, & getting a better grasp on what exactly we need to shift to get what we want. The power of adaptable Gemini is that there is always a way to rearrange & flow into a different state of being.



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