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Full Sagittarius Moon

The morning of Friday June 9th 2017 we will be graced with a Full Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius countered by the Sun in the air sign of Gemini. Watch out for conflagrations & conflations! This Moon carries a threat of judgment if we are not confident, the promise of karma if we are not mindful, & the gift of watching the magic of cause & effect unfolding in motion should we choose.

Sagittarius encourages us to be thoughtful & attentive of our feelings as more information is brought to light. This is a time for processing & absorbing new details. Be mindful of emotional outbursts or impulses to act rashly. We are asked to wait, to take a breath while we examine our feelings keeping our individual challenges in mind. Is your emotion a genuine response to what is happening now or a reflection of past experiences? Don’t let your arrow fly until you have taken a moment to assess what is a genuine threat.

This Full Moon asks that we balance what we know with what we think while monitoring how we feel. Our feelings are important guideposts designed to help us navigate our way through our experience. However we don’t want to mistake an imminent warning of danger with an echo from far away. Issues can arise when we are not attentive to what our triggers are leading us to focusing in the wrong direction & starting at false alarms. Discernment is an important theme of this lunation illuminating where we can better clarify what is priority from what can be set aside. What needs our attention from what is just a distraction. Where we need to take the time to heal from where we need to push forward.

This Sagittarius Full Moon supports us in taking responsibility for our feelings, our judgements, our success & ultimately ourselves. Take your time, breathe deep, notice what you are feeling & let it guide you towards a more thoughtful understanding of what you want. Then let your arrow fly!


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