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July Moon in Capricorn

Just as we begin Sunday July 9th, 2017 we will be graced with a Full Moon in (achievements) Capricorn countered by the Sun in (attachments) Cancer bringing a doozy of an emotional cocktail spiked with intensity from Pluto. This lunation will be Full of emotion, Full of insights & Full of tumult. The Sea Goat is dancing with the Lord of the Underworld & deeply transformative energy will be flooding us over the next few days. It’s going to be a bumpy ride folks, hang on as loosely as you can!

This powerful Full Moon centers around relationships & control issues. Emotions will run particularly high & deep felt feelings will be bubbling to the surface. The urge to urgently declare yourself loudly, admonish others at length, call out another or vent your frustrations will be hard to resist. Ultimately, you will be best served keeping your mouth shut. I don’t often recommend breaking down communications but the influx of emotion, intuition, feelings & sensitivities will be too much to process quickly leading to words you don’t really mean & decisions you later regret. Letting yourself get triggered into threatening language or ultimatums will only intensify situations & create unnecessary drama. Conflicts in your personal relationships involving power & control issues will be a theme over the next few days so be mindful of who you spend time with, how quickly you respond & where you focus your attention.

You will be best served by taking a pause or six before letting your emotions run away with any given situation, particularly those involving your loved ones. Being conscious in your exchanges will help you to avoid arguments or intense emotional boomeranging. I would highly recommend avoiding any decision making over the weekend, leave yourself time next week to process what has been illuminated by this lunation before you act. Take note of your dreams, intuitions & recognitions so that you can study them rationally later & make clear headed choices on your next move. This could also be a fertile weekend for creative projects so pour your heart out into the world & reap the rewards. Have patience, be mindful, take deep breaths, use your tools, & remember it’s only a Full Moon.




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