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Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On the afternoon of Monday August 7th, 2017 we will be blessed with a Full Moon in Aquarius Eclipsed by the Sun in Leo. A Full Moon is an emotional time when we are encouraged to release what no longer serves us through heartfelt discussions, by breakups & boundary negotiations, with compassionate determination & heart felt gratitude.

An eclipse magnifies the energy of release & offers support for us to better understand what needs to be let go in our relationships, in our inner dialogue, in our assumptions, & how we can better maintain our sense of emotional balance & personal evolution. As our Moon is shadowed by our planet feelings of lack can be illuminated & areas of tension brought into focus. Use these as a guide post for where you need to spread more love, compassion, attention, or gentleness through allowing.

How do you define success? How do you define happiness? Are you actively seeking one or both?

Are your personal goals hampering your interpersonal relationships? Or vice versa?

Do you prioritize those people, places, & things that bring you joy & fulfillment?

Are you receiving as much as you are giving? Giving as much as you receive?

How are you engaging in, contributing to, & enriching your community?

Do the people in your life bring more light or more heaviness into your experience?

How can your boundaries be redefined to allow for a more joyful experience?

Does your definition of community include other religions? Expand beyond local proximity? Through socio-economic differences? Include those that don’t look like you? Reach across the political divide?

The counterbalance of Leo (self) and Aquarius (other) will create a focus on our relationships including romantic, professional, & family as well as the relationship we have with ourself, our assumptions, our foes, & our bias. Remember that the tensions created by an eclipse offer an opportunity to explore our emotional needs & recognize how we can cultivate stronger connections to our selves, to our divinity. Pay attention to what wants to be relinquished & trust that you are ready even if you feel uncertain. The door is open, changes are coming, allow yourself to flow through to more with the Aquarian Full Moon.





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