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Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

In the afternoon of Monday August 21, 2017 we are blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo that will herald great changes & perhaps great challenges for many of us. A Solar Eclipse is an amped up New Moon that brings with it a new cycle of growth & opportunity that will resonate for the next 6 months. This is also a Blue Moon being the second Leo New Moon of this year which increases the special vibe of this lunation.

The energy now is intense & uncomfortable, effecting many of us in startling ways. Leo encourages us to be strong, to stand up for what we believe in while looking gorgeous & shining brightly as we collaborate for our mutual success & betterment. If we cling to the past, are too limiting in our thoughts, feel uncomfortable being self aware or resist change then we are really struggling in this moment. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is illuminating the undeniable truth that we are all one family, one pride, & if one of us suffers then all of us suffer.

We are being asked to take responsibility for ourselves, for our family of fellow humans, for our biases, for our past, & for our collective future. This is hard work & feels uncomfortable as we are challenged to keep our ego in check as we move towards a more unified vibration. Judgement is a decision making tool to help us understand better the consequences of those decisions, stop taking it personally & especially stop using it as a cudgel against others. We can’t move forward if we are rooted in the past or if we are resisting understanding the reality we find ourselves in now because of our emotional sensitivities. Embrace being uncomfortable, it’s the way we evolve & grow. Only by learning from our mistakes can we continue towards a better future.

Get prepared to harness this powerful energy with journaling, list making, visualization techniques, candle ceremony, manifesting ritual, meditation or other forms of mindful preparation of your future success. Plan, prepare, & get creative. You are here to do powerful things that might not look like what other expect of you, or even what you expect. Be open & allowing, follow your heart & that quiet internal voice of strength that asks that you embrace your destiny. Trust that the discomfort is worth it in the end, you are meant to be in JOY & celebrating in this New Moon Leo Solar Eclipse!



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