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Pisces Full Moon

Tomorrow Wednesday September 6, 2017 we are graced with a Full Moon in dreamy Pisces countered by the Sun in demure Virgo. We are just coming out of Mercury Retrograde which means we are not yet up to speed but ready to start getting our creative juices flowing. As we move deeper through the resounding energy of the recent Eclipses Season this lunation encourages a change of pace as we dive into the waters of our subconscious & things take on a surreal quality in the mystic deep of our experience.

Pisces is a highly psychic sign bringing increased intuition & supernatural impressions as well as a more spiritual perspective. It may lead to information overload though as we are more inclined to pick up on other people & their stuff as well. This is the week to drench yourself in Hematite, Garnet, Smokey Quartz & ground, ground, ground. It will be important to weed through the flow of feelings & impressions that will be bubbling up, this is not the time for hasty conclusions or impulsive action but instead the time of inspiration & preparation.

Pay attention to the images, imaginings, & instincts that are triggered by this Moon while remembering that not everything you are receiving is going to be clear, be relevant or be actionable. Cautiousness is queen for now! The harvest means it’s time to gather, time to collect. There is a possibility of increased confusion & uncertainty with the current cosmic alignments so be discerning, be patient & let yourself simmer as you begin to create, manifest, dream, & expand your awareness with this Pisces Full Moon.



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