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Aries Full Moon

Tomorrow October 5, 2017 we will be blessed with a Full Moon in active Aries countered by the Sun in level headed Libra. The axis of this lunation rests on our relationships, both with ourselves (Aries) as well as our connections with others (Libra). We are asked to stay true to our personal needs while contributing a positive impact into our community. Passions can be high over the next few days & tempers might flare if we are not mindful however there will tend to be more heartfelt declarations & impassioned pleas.

* Energizing * Ego * Empowered * Endurance * Emotional *

A Full Moon is the perfect time to release & renew, to finish a job so as to make space for a new endeavor or to make adjustments to our progress. This is when we put all of our full focus on what matters most to us, really get into the nitty gritty of it all. It’s time to act with authenticity as we strive to breath life into our heart felt desires. We are asked at this time to focus on how we contribute to our own success & the ways in which we benefit our society as a whole.

This lunation encourages us to stand proud & independent, thoughtful in our approach but insistent that we get where we want to go without hurting anyone unnecessarily. There is more than enough for everyone, don’t fall into the fallacy of lack. We can all have more under the Aries Moon: more love, more laughter, more life lived happy!

Where is my energy needed most? Who benefits from my choices? What is my gift to the world? How can I use my power? When if not now?



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