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Taurus Moon

Saturday November 4, 2017 we are blessed with a Full MOON in practical Taurus countered by the Sun in intense Scorpio. Also aligning are Venus (love & money), Uranus (unique & magical), Jupiter (luck & bounty), & Neptune (enthusiasm & spirituality) creating a potent mix of opportunity, fertility, & creativity. This is a time of culmination, high emotion, & transformation where we are compelled to release what no longer serves us.


There is fulfillment in recognizing the necessity of compassion, making personal sacrifices for what we believe in, & pushing through to get it done with a heart full of love. The strength of the bull, grounded in courage is available to sustain us through the next cycle of growth. Our closest relationships come into focus as do our personal morals, priorities & values. We feel passionately in this creative MOON, ripe with possibilities & ready to enjoy the ride. Ready too to make our own destiny. We may feel nearly overwhelmed with joy of abundance & the satisfaction of manifesting at this time.


This lunation encourages us to recognize our own strength, to see how far we have come, & acknowledge just how powerful we really are. We are supported in healing, forgiving, & connecting with our intuition. Re-energize, re-orient, re-new, & re-fresh are the themes for this weekend. Whatever it is that you want, it is yours for the taking just don’t be surprised when you find what you want has transformed. Or you realize it is already yours! You only have to ask & your every wish shall be granted as your heart is uplifted. This Full Taurus MOON is bursting with magic, ready to lend you the strength to joyfully carry you forward on your path. Prosperity abounds!




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