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Full Gemini Moon 2017

Sunday December 3rd, 2017 we are graced with the last Full Moon of the Year of Beginnings blooming in Gemini (a Super Moon brimming with power) reflecting the light of the Sun in Sagittarius while Mercury (planet of communication) goes Retrograde. As curious Gemini counters philosophical Sagittarius, analytical understandings balance with intuitive knowledge & we are asked to blend what we know with what we feel to determine our best direction while taking particular care in how we communicate those knowings & feelings.

This alignment of cosmic events brings a culmination of energy that will make those of us touched by Gemini in our astrological chart (sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant in particular), or ruled by Mercury (like Virgo), feel like we are on a wild, kind of scary but ultimately refreshing ride through the ‘white water’ of the River of Potentiality. Even those not directly influenced will be easily caught up in the intensity & frenetic vibrations.

I really like the analogy of the flowing river that sometimes has churning waters, sometimes still & sometimes nearly overwhelming with sparkling beauty & power. It’s a time to be aware, be in the moment, be prepared for everything or anything to come & take advantage of any moments of peace or gifts from the flow.

Don’t panic, stay calm & centered to better understand the best way forward. Be aware of yourself & your surroundings, make note then take corrective action if you find yourself swirling in an eddy of unproductive efforts.

Be kind to yourself & others, emotions will be streaming in currents high, quick & deep. Communicate clearly & be distinct in how you share with those around you. Find your faith in yourself & your trust in your guides. Remember that sometimes you may need to take a break to lift your oar & sometimes you will need to dig deep and paddle like crazy.

This is an alignment focused on bursts of creative & compassionate energy flowing through our communications, our connections, and our community efforts. There is a deep reservoir of power available for you, to sustain you, to nourish you, & transport you into your future success.

Speak your Truth

Share yourself Authentically

Celebrate your Connections

Embrace Faith







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