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New Year Full Cancer Moon

Moon Goddess by Karen Ferrand Carroll

We start this New Year with a Super (powerful) Full Moon in Cancer opposite the Sun in Capricorn beaming us into our future. A Full Moon is a time of release, a time for completion, & a time for letting go. As this New Year transition is influenced by the amped up sign of nurturing Cancer, we are being supported to cleanses away all that has prevented us from truly loving & embracing ourselves. This is the prime time for self care, for nurturing all aspects of our experience (body*mind*spirit), finding our strength in whatever expression of our self we are currently manifesting (seeker, mother, king, artist, crone), & for listening to that soft inner voice that encourages us to take care in the way we talk to & about ourselves, the way we treat our bodies, & how we provide for our spirit.

Cancer is a water sign that resonates strongly with the feminine energies of mysticism, empowerment, & psychic abilities. This sign overflows with the many manifestations of female power & the divine energies within the goddesshood. There is no better lunation for a meditative salt bath! Be prepared to receive messages, to be encouraged to shift your perspective, & to find yourself in an entirely open state of being ready to release so that you may receive. Use smudging, meditation, & crystals like garnet or hematite to keep you grounded. Pay attention to your dreams, be mindful of your musings, & be open to receiving all sorts of messages from your guides by releasing expectations of what they will be. Trust!

The next few days are perfect to work through casting off all the tensions & fears from 2017 & to synthesize the lessons of the past year as you prepare, with the help from stable Capricorn, for the New Year ahead. Indulge in pampering your body with a massage, energy work, exercise, nourishing food & good sex. Find emotional stability through setting boundaries, elevating your consciousness, & utilizing your tools (or this, or this, or this) as you engage with toxic people. Laugh, nestle into the embrace of those that get you, remember that you are not alone, & that you are capable of amazing things.

Sometimes, if we are too off balance or stressed out, the darker side of the Cancer influence can make us feel overly emotional, needy, or out of control in the waters of our experience. The weepy harpy is crouched in the shadows, ready to leap in to twist your experiences into torturous punishments if you are not firm in your worth. Needing is not a bad thing, embrace your humanity without judgement & banish the harpy back to the shadows.

Lean on the help from Capricorn’s strong supportive energy to assist you in finding that distinction between sloth & relaxation, between over indulgence & full enjoyment, between procrastination & finding the right timing, between barriers & boundaries. Focus on bridging that space between self pity & self awareness so that you may nourish yourself without indulging in feelings of entitlement or falling down the hole of self loathing. Be kind to yourself. It’s not so much about demanding that you get what you deserve but understanding that it is already yours to receive.

This glorious Full Moon in Cancer is rising to release you from your resentments, reward you with an inspired creative burst, & renew your push forward towards your goals. We are encouraged to embrace our strengths, to make a plan, list our goals, & set about organizing the best way forward so we do not get lost in feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated, or un-loved. And you don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you need support or if you are interested in a Preview of 2018 Tarot Card reading. I am happily here to help you find your way through this Moon & beyond.

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