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New Moon in Capricorn

Late in the evening on Tuesday January 16, 2018 we will be blessed with a New Moon in sturdy Capricorn. This is the first New Moon of the year & it is providing a wonderful environment to help us begin a project, organize our priorities, start a relationship or initiate a new routine.

The cardinal sign of the sea-goat is one of stability & strength providing a supportive energy for your endeavors. Capricorn resonates with the energies of tenaciousness, resourcefulness, & ambition. Now is when we feel capable of anything & ready to do the work!

Levelheaded ~ Strong ~ Confident ~ Practical ~ Disciplined ~ Organized

Take some time to consider how you can positively incorporate these qualities into your life. The stability of this earthy sign will make you feel more realistic in your interactions & offer a clearer perspective for what you are actually able to accomplish. This objectivity can allow for more self discovery & assessment without volatile emotional influences pulling you down. We can thus feel encouraged to discover what we lack & how to get it rather than lament that we lack.

Where do you need support? How might you find more balance? In what areas do you shine? Who are the resources you can tap into to help accomplish your goals? What aspect of your life needs more attention? Why are you struggling?

This mighty Capricorn New Moon is ready to usher you forward on your path with a steady gate. If you need help, insights, or clarity please contact me. I too am here to help you find your way forward.


~ Capricorn the Sea Goat by Julia Y

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