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Aquarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

In the afternoon of Thursday February 15, 2018 we are blessed with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius bringing wonder & a sense of enchantment to the coming months. A New Moon is the time for creation, planning, implementing, changing patterns, & beginnings of all kinds. With the energy of a Solar Eclipse providing extra zip & zing, many of us will feel compelled towards something new & magical. The key to benefiting from this vibration is to be willing & excited, here we go!

Cambiel, Angel of Aquarius by Peter Mohrbacher

Mysterious Aquarius vibrates with individuality, uniqueness, eccentricity, & inventiveness. This air sign draws in the new & unusual, promotes change & innovation while relishing in radical discovery. Under the influence of the water bearer our thoughts, decisions, and problem solving tend to be more ‘out of the box’. We are able to focus on making our dreams come true in unpredicted ways, taking a leap of faith through a dynamic inspiration, daring to be our authentic selves, & embracing a new way of connecting to the world that more genuinely reflects our soul’s purpose. Aquarius loves to incite you into starting, enjoys showing you the value to being a humanitarian, strengthens fellowship & friendship, inspires group activities & connections of all kinds. There is a strong sense of the importance of allowing, an emphasis on being open & for promoting progressive ideas.

As the vibrations from this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius flows over us & into the next few months we are asked to be positive & hopeful in our visioning, to brainstorm & network with our brethren, to extend a hand in friendship & to welcome help in whatever form it takes. You don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you are ready to change & are looking for support, if you would like some insights into how best to move through or if you are in need of some guidance. And shine brightly in the light of this New Moon!





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