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March Virgo Full Moon

LA MEDECINE DE LA TORTUE by Caroline Maniere

In the evening of March 1, 2018 we will be blessed with a Full MOON in Virgo countered by the Sun in Pisces. 2018 is the year of Awakening, an 11 year in numerology that brings spiritual insights & expanding consciousness. This is now the third lunation this year in the 11th degree bringing a boost of special magic to this month as we move deeper into our blooming.

 This MOON insists we manifest our dreams with practicality, that we ground our spiritual epiphanies into our every day experience, & that we are prepared for the unexpected. We are asked to embrace the Virgo themes of self care, attention to detail, & being organized while open to the Piscean knowing of a mystical connection & the support that flows from it.

Spend some time focusing on your intentions without limiting your vision. See yourself achieving the improbable & imagine your success in the grandest way without getting lost in the impossible. Make a list of all you want without boundaries. Then be ready for the inspiration, ready for the fulfillment. This is a MOON made for manifesting so allow focused Virgo to support you making your goals a reality.

It is a time for creation, for building momentum, focusing on your hearts desire, & seeing your dreams come true in the light of the Virgo MOON.



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