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Pisces March New Moon

Milky Way Momma by J. Vincent Scarpace

Today March 17, 2018 the New Moon will rise in Pisces to awash us all in it’s dark mysterious luminescence. The Dark of the Moon is a time for internal reflection & analysis, a time for creation & fresh starts, for beginnings & initiations. There are also some additional cosmic influence from Mars (aggression), Jupiter (growth), & Chiron (healing) that will make mindful awareness especially important in our interactions & in our thoughts.


Mom From With Love by J. Vincent Scarpace

With the Pisces influence (visionary, artistic, compassionate, & intuitive) we have a great opportunity to find new solutions to old problems, create momentum, & discover a different formula to getting what we want. We are being asked to take advantage of the creative energies that are bubbling around us this weekend & envision a unique way for dealing with old issues. Allow yourself to be inspired by the fluidity of this water sign to shift directions & welcome flexibility into your process. Use the magic of this lunation to heal your ancient wounds & invigorate your evolution by releasing yourself from the patterns that are holding you back. You are encouraged to take ownership of your own story, rewording when it is necessary, editing if called for, & reframing for your betterment.


Nebulon Two by J. Vincent Scarpace

Pay attention to what presents itself, we are being given a chance to discover a previously hidden path on our journey. The issues & challenges that come up now must be addressed so that we can clear the way for the energies coming with the second Blue Moon at the end of the month. Take time to sort through who, what, why, & make a note of where there has been transformation & when it is still needed. Be gentle with yourself, it’s hard to address these old habits & emotional turbulences that come up but the vibration of the Pisces New Moon will bouy us.


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