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Full Moon in Scorpio

Late on April 29, 2018 we are blessed with a Full MOON in intense Scorpio countered by the Sun in sensual Taurus. A Full MOON is often a time of high emotions, turbulent energy & culminating events that encourage us to shed what no longer serves us. It’s a time for reflection, a time for letting go, & a time for resolutions.

During this particular lunation, with probing Scorpio & passionate Taurus at the focus, we can expect our attention to be on our personal evolution & most intimate relationships. We also have the following themes from 3 planets in retrograde:


  • Jupiter in Scorpio: rejuvenating our inspiration & motivation
  • Saturn in Capricorn: restoring faith in our journey & trust in our path
  • Pluto in Capricorn: reinvigorating our authentic selves, finding synchronicity


It’s a magical time in our corner of the universe & the stars are alive with potential.

This MOON offers strength from understanding, discovery of new talents & deeper meanings, an unfolding of our journey & awakening to ourselves. Over the weekend make sure to spend some time with nature, communing with the elements & meditating on your goals. Don’t be surprised to find different perspectives coming into focus & energizing divergent correlations or connections. Ask for clarity, insist on discovery & find comfort in knowing the truth will set you free as the veil lifts.

This is a lunation of illumination which makes it a perfect time to get a reading with me! Divination is a powerful tool in understanding your circumstances & how to discern the best way forward. Please contact me to schedule your reading so that you can take advantage of this intense Scorpio MOON energy to light your way.

You don’t have to go it alone!

Envoûteuse (The Sorceress) by Georges Merle


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