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May 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon

On the morning of May 29, 2018 a Full Moon in Sagittarius blooms countered by the Sun in Gemini. A Full Moon is a time of culmination & completion, of magic & gathering. This powerful lunation comes as we are settling into the new vibration of Uranus in Taurus that is fostering transformation for many of us. Luckily, the cosmos has conspired to beam an abundance of positive energy to give us a boost.

* Focus * Finding * Following * Forging * Fostering * Forward *

May 2018 Sagittarius Full Moon art by Stephanie Law

Sagittarius by Stephanie Law

Sagittarius is a seeker that favors action, adventure & articulation. This sign is focused on our path compelling us to decide where we are going, take steps to get there, & to speak our truth as we align to our purpose.

Uranus is bringing change into our lives & the vibration of this lunation smoothes this transition by encouraging positive emotions. We are gifted gratitude for where we have been, optimism about where we are going, & enthusiasm for the process. This is a time of overflowing energy & empowerment, focused on the will & the way to get there.

The theme of this Sagittarius Full Moon is personal truth. Our family, our religions & our society tell us from before we can even speak what is expected of us. It is made clear how we should behave, where we should focus our attention, who we should be & the definitions that should matter most. This lunation allows us to better see the truth. The truth of who we actually are, the strength to determine & define for ourselves, our loves, our lives, our purpose.

We are driven now to understand ourselves with clarity & unconditional love, to know our truth & embrace ourselves without hesitation or judgement. We are compelled to find our way while remaining loyal to our selves & our own individual definitions. We are asked to maintain love along our journey of personal discovery, for ourselves & for others. We are supported in seeing our value, the truth of who we are & what we have to offer.

This lunation encourages us to use our unique voice to speak our truth with compassion, knowing & insisting it be returned in kind. Now is the time to step into loving yourself authentically & to share that love with the rest of us. Discover your specific purpose in your heart, aim it out into this beautiful world & let it fly true in the light of this Sagittarius Full Moon!




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