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June 2018 Capricorn Full Moon

June 2018 Capricorn Full Moon Astrology

Capricorn by oleg tartarashvili

On June 28, 2018 a Full Moon in grounded Capricorn will bloom countered by the Sun in caring Cancer. A full moon is a time of culmination and release. The retrograde season we are just entering will have an effect on this lunation as we prepare for the eclipse energies to come.

Capricorn is hard working, ambitious and proud. This earth sign is business oriented so the theme of this lunation is your personal achievements, your success, and your work. Due to the effects of Cancers influence you will find it easier to tap into your feelings, understand your relationships, and explore alternative solutions. This is a time to refine, realign, and redesign your focus and your flow.

Mars is the planet that pushes and propels us depending on it’s placement in our natal chart. Unfortunately sometimes it’s insistence feels more like being bullied. Since this powerful influencer is in retrograde (for 2 months) we get a chance to catch our breath. Taking a cue from this motion to pause, step back, and reflect. Slow down to assess our feeling, our motivations, and our intentions. This is an opportunity to allow the power of the Capricorn Full Moon to help us make changes for the better by releasing any limitations or obstacles.

-> How are you defining success? -> What are you working towards? -> Where are you focusing your energies least efficiently? -> Do you still want the same things you wanted when you started? -> Who is your ally and who is in your way? -> Are you happy with your present as you work towards your future? -> Is there a better process?

Our best guidance is always our own intuition, the small nudges or sometimes overwhelming sensations of certainty that come up from our core. When you know, you really know. However don’t be afraid to ask for help, you don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you are having trouble clarifying your messages, connecting to your guides or if you are interested in diving deeper into your personal astrological influences. We all deserve success and this Capricorn Full Moon will help light the way.



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