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June 2018 New Gemini Moon

This afternoon June 13, 2018 we are graced with a New Moon in gregarious Gemini offering a wonderful creative vibe resounding through the next 2 weeks. A New Moon focuses on beginnings providing prime energy for starting something new or making a change. As a result this lunation is a powerful boost for whatever we are looking to create, bringing optimism & ooomph.

Gemini New Moon June 2018

trippy indian goddess twins by Jessica Singh

The Gemini vibration is fun & flirty, focusing on communication & connectivity. We are asked at this time to focus on our words, our intentions, & our interactions. There are some other cosmic doings happening in the stars that heighten the magic & bring synchronicity to our door so we can dance with lady luck.

Since the sign of the twins is ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication) this is a perfect time for you to let the heavens know what you are looking to make happen. Spend some time over the next day or so journaling, brainstorming, writing, or vision boarding. Do some spell work, manifest, grid, or come up with affirmations.  This is a wonderful influence to try out a new technique, to switch up the way you do things, to create new rituals. Let your creative juices bubble up, spill out & drizzle down your arm to take on the shape of your desire.

The moon is poised to be your muse, be inspired in the light of the Gemini New Moon.

And you don’t have to go it alone! Having some trouble figuring out your next best step? Struggling with how to harness this vibration? Please contact me, I can help.


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