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July 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

July 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

Silver Sun Goddess by Maurice Evans

Friday July 27, 2018 brings us a Full Moon in thoughtful Aquarius countered by the Sun in bold Leo. We are also deep in the waters of Retrograde with Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto & good old Mercury all in backwards motion. Adding to this, Eclipse Season is well upon us! This Moon is pumped up & overflowing with a Total Lunar Eclipse that will bring our emotions up to spill out. It’s a busy time in our corner of the universe & the stars are aligned for …epiphanies!

This lunation is focused on the balance of Leo (self) with Aquarius (other) drawing our attention to our relationships & the way we engage. This might be a connection to another person or to our work, our culture, our biases, our expectations, our self. Any existing feelings of dis-harmony will be intensified even more while new misalignments can present themselves abruptly. We may also find our passions intensified & excitement bubbling over. Either way, this is not a soothing Moon but one that demands attention.

July 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

Mother Earth by Maurice Evans

As our lovely luna is shadowed by our mother earth feelings of abandonment can be illuminated & old wounds reopened. The current Retrograde energy untethers what was buried deep inside or forgotten long ago. We find ourselves suddenly keenly aware of a lingering lack in our life. Needs have not been filled, discontentment simmers, a desire is left wanting. An eclipse magnifies the normal Full Moon energy making release an imperative as awareness surges to the surface. All these influence creates synergy & sudden understanding for us of what we must change.

It is important to remember that the tensions created at this time are opportunities to explore our emotional needs & recognize how we can cultivate stronger connections to our selves, to our emotions, to our divinity, & to the healthy relationships that we deserve. Since we are in Retrograde territory make sure if you do decide to engage in dialog or confessions with others that you do so thoughtfully & carefully with a giant dose of compassion. Try to avoid falling into a pit of misunderstandings & defensiveness.

July 2018 Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

The Universe by Maurice Evens

Pay attention to what wants to be relinquished & trust that you are ready even if you feel uncertain. Journal, create art, do ritual, take note of the feelings you are feeling then really FEEL them, work through what comes up (with a trusted advisor perhaps), get energy work, meditate, & practice kindness. Self soothe with crystals like Rose Quartz, salt baths, music, essential oils like Lavender or Mandarin, time with people you trust, & smudging with white cedar or palo santo. Allow your feelings to flow & rejoice, it’s a time of Revelations from the universe in the light of the Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse!





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