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July 2018 Cancer New Moon Eclipse

July 2018 Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

emerge by goldynfinch

On 07/12/2018 we will be blessed with a New Moon in Cancer featuring a Solar Eclipse all the while a bunch of planets are in or getting ready for Retrograde. We are challenged now to heal, to transform, & to step through our selves into a deeper awareness of our personal strengths & gifts.

Cancer is the quintessential feminine sign of motherhood & home: loving, nurturing, supportive, nostalgic. This sign feels deeply & shows those feelings easily. We are softer under this influence, gentler & more tender. Our home, our foundation, & our inner circle are the dominion of this water sign. And so don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to the beach, to any body of water or into a nightly bath ritual.

Retrograde periods (when a planet appears to move backwards from it’s typical motion) are all about looking inward, taking a moment to reflect, slowing down & being more observational. We can struggle with decisions, reactiveness & a sense of uncertainty. This week Neptune (dreams), Mars (will power), Pluto (beginnings & endings), Saturn (karma) & Chiron (healer) are all in full retrograde. Additionally, Jupiter (growth) is in it’s station about to come out & Mercury (communication) is slowing into it’s shadow as it prepares to go into retrograde later in the month.

When we enter into Eclipse season (which will be most intense over the next 5 weeks) we should be prepared for illuminations & discoveries, secrets unveiled & cosmic ‘coincidences’. These tend to be periods of upheaval & great changes offering a sense of wildness, uncertainty & potentiality. This is when we are asked to reveal & revel in our true selves, let the light into the darkest parts of our being & embrace what we find there. With care, focus, & intent we can harness these intense energies for personal evolution or deep transformative change.

With all of these combined influences we are called into service of ourselves, given the opportunity to release old trauma’s & shake off the numbing habits we have formed as defenses to our pain. This is no picnic as we are likely to find ourselves triggered but it is transformational as we are also gifted the ability to break free from limiting programming. By releasing the deep wounds  & allowing the light of the Eclipse to heal us we can welcome a fresh foundation to build a stronger reality upon.

During the next few weeks it will be critical to utilize our tools as we navigate the tumult. There is a great article here about the benefits of Mindful practices & some tips on how to create a daily routine. Crystals like rose quartz, blue lace agate, & rhodachrosite are particularly helpful to sooth over-whelmed emotions or anxiety. Lavender or Rose essential oil to clarify your vibration & lots of smudging of sage or palo santo to help you ground. Seek a healer for Reiki, EFT, CranioSacral,  IET, or any other healing techniques to assist you through your process. I would also highly recommend reading The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz or The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff for inspirations. And of course contact me if you need some guidance, support, or just a compassionate sounding board. You don’t have to go it alone!

This is not likely to be an easy summer so take refuge in the days of ease that you do come upon. There will be tears as well as a need to console one another & be comforted. Find the helpers & give them support as you take comfort from their presence. We are in the middle of huge paradigm shifts & it’s vitally important we help each other, love each other, & laugh our way through always reaching for joy. We are preparing, we are alchemizing, we are catalyzing great growth & seismic change. Globally, personally, within our families, within our experience, & through our points of focus. We are shaken now so that we may eliminate the debris that holds us back & emerge clearer versions of ourselves. This is an amazing time to be alive so celebrate in the light of the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse!



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