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September 2018 Aries Full Moon

Eden by Holly Sierra

September 24, 2018 we are blessed with a Full Moon in mighty Aries countered by the Sun that has just moved into harmonizing Libra. This is a vibration that will focus us on what we can accomplish to bring balance into our lives.

Aries offers up energy, attention, enthusiasm, & verve. We are compelled now to create momentum, boost productivity, & perform miracles. It’s harvest season!

We have just been awash in the organizing energy of the last bit of late summer, now it’s time to get to work on all those plans & actualize our epiphanies as we move squarely into fall. Libra encourages us to focus on the exchange, to pay attention to the flow, to ensure that we are aware of the reciprocity in our interactions. We will find ourselves very conscious of where we are over doing it, how we are leaking resources, when we are giving more than we are receiving, & what obligations we are failing to meet.

Forceful & fiery Aries pushes us forward to act upon any lack of balance. We are gifted the ability to move, to insist, to stand up for what we know we need. Sometimes this means acquiring & gathering, sometime this mean eliminating & culling but it always leads to equilibrium of some kind. This sign is a leader, eager to get started, & willing to leap into the thick of things so be ready to engage your next few weeks head on.

As we move into autumn we must maintain our focus on those things we have determined require our devotion. Don’t get distracted, we have already reviewed & pondered so now it’s time to move forward with our desires. Now we are persistent & diligent as we reap our harvest under the Aries Full Moon.

Harvest Goddess
by Holly Sierra

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