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September 2018 Virgo New Moon

Demeter by Chuck Sperry

On Sunday September 9, 2018 we are blessed with a New Moon in Virgo to help propel us into autumn. We are well on our way out of the tumultuous eclipse season & the internal excavating from the retrogrades, now it is time to put our new insights to the test & create something long lasting.

The energy of Virgo is grounded, nurturing, creative & supportive. There are many ways the aspects of this earth sign can help us embrace change as she is strong in organization, determination, thoroughness & attention to details. Hard working Virgo is all about rolling up your sleeves to get the work done & having a sense of satisfaction in completing a task. Just don’t let her perfectionism get you overwhelmed.

This is also a sign that encourages us to pay attention to our bodies, our balance between work & play, our mental stability as well as our health in general so this is likely to be where we are going to feel compelled to make at least some minor adjustments over the coming weeks. Expect to feel renewed in spirit, refreshed in energy & reinvigorated in purpose. With just a touch of uncertainty or a whif of hesitation, this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

* Eleutheria by Chuck Sperry

There are some cosmic happenings for the next two weeks that can bring up some confusion & uncertainty. This is an illusion! Stay focused on your goals, allow the Virgo energy to help you organize, prepare, plan, & nurture you through your process. Do not let indecision catch you & limit your momentum. The inspirations, epiphanies, & projects that have come to you through this summer are not false, the feelings of doubt are.

Keep focused on the new understandings that have come, the projects that have begun to percolate, the ideas that are gathering within you. This is a time to begin something new, to apply yourself devoutly, to be steadfast in your attention to that which gleams & sparkles just for you. Pay no mind to the lies from the dark that dare to say you can’t. Because your dreams weren’t sent to you for nothing. The witching hour approaches, the magic is rising, get ready to bloom under the Virgo New Moon!


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  1. 1 Elemental Goddess says:

    Your incite is always spot on and inspiring! I cant be any more ecstatic that Youre sharing a blog now!