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October 2018 Taurus Full Moon

Taurus by Alexander Sigov

October 24, 2018 we are blessed with a Full Moon in steady Taurus balanced by the Sun in transformative Scorpio.  This lunation is also heavily influenced by Uranus (change), Venus (love), & Saturn (certainty).

We have just entered into Scorpio Season, a time wrought with opportunities & intensity. This is not an easy influence as this energy pushes us into feeling forcefully, desiring deeply, & knowing keenly. This is a vibration that powers transformations & paradigm shifts.

Taurus energy is warm & engaging, sensual & very physical. We are inclined under it’s influence to luxuriate in our bodily senses with romps in the bedroom, time outside, snuggly afternoons, delicious meals, enchanting scents, & delightful company. Self care becomes even more important now: body work, energy healing, community gatherings, indulgences, laughter & plenty of resting.  This vibe offers a soothing balm that can help us on our way through the upheaval. It also allows us to show up in the now with profound enthusiasm for the revolution.

Danae and the golden rain by Alexander Sigov

The influence of Venus has been laser focused on our relationships for the past month & it will only continue with this lunation. The combining cosmic energies will act as a catalyst for real change & evolution as the energies continue to build. Remember too that you are in relationship with yourself, with your money, with your culture, with your family, with your expectations. Be mindful of where you feel the pressure of this season of endings & beginnings, be sure to allow for healing as you ease through the metamorphosis.

We are on a cusp, big changes are coming & we can all feel it. Transitions are tumultuous so the grounded & practical earth energy illuminated by this moon will be a real stabilizing force over the next two weeks. Be mindful though of the bulls tendency for stubbornness, steady is good but you don’t want to get stuck. The sensual indulgences & support are meant now to empower you as you stand up for yourself, for your community, for your truth. Rely on the power offered here to propel you through your awakening & allow yourself to bloom into a fuller expression of your authentic self, under the Taurus Full Moon.


If you need support building your self care routines or dealing with the intense energies, please contact me, I can help.





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