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November 2018 Gemini Full Moon

We are graced on the over night of Thursday November 22nd into Friday November 23, 2018 by a Full Moon in communicative Gemini countered by the Sun in pointed Sagittarius. These two heavenly bodies gaze across the sky at each other from zero degree marks bringing a particular intensity to their collaboration. As the most potent effect of a Full Moon is to provide release, & we just happen to be in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, it will be a weekend to stay especially mindful of our words & thoughts.

In Numerology zero represents infinity & amplification. It is simultaneously both closed & wide open, it is everything & it is nothing. Zero intensifies & zero magnifies. For some this is a hole, a void, a lack that unsettles & disquiets. Others see it as a portal, a doorway into infinite possibilities & limitless potentiality that excites & inspires. Regardless of how we perceive it, we are asked at this time to get familiar with it & to allow it to show us the Truth.

Gemini offers further contrast & duality into the mix of zero energy. We are given perspective, offered a mirror & encouraged to embrace our shadow. Because Mercury is currently in retrograde our reflection is drawn deeper, even more internalized as we delve into the ways in which we fool ourselves & others. Sagittarius meanwhile seeks, discovers & loves to explore the unknown further coalescing this vibration into a zeitgeist of uncovering, discovering, transcending, & evolving.

This weekend will be wrought with intense introspection, overflowing with deep thoughts, marked by sudden insights, & igniting epiphanies. This is also a time when we can find ourselves unwilling to ignore, pretend or play along as we might have in the past. We may no longer be able to keep our thoughts & feelings to ourselves so pay attention to who you surround yourself with. And take care with your words.

This is a time of truths revealed, secrets uncovered, & shadows given their space in the moonlight. We are encouraged to untangle & unwind, to extricate ourselves & define exactly what we think vs what we have been told to think. We are inspired to offer authenticity & welcome honesty. We are asked to show up to embrace our divinity. We are gifted ourselves under the Gemini Full Moon.


Gemini Molineux by Sergio Lopez


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