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November 2018 Scorpio New Moon


Scorpio by Julia Hacker

November 7, 2018 early in the day we are graced with a New Moon in Scorpio. A New Moon is always a time of fresh starts & beginnings. We are encouraged at this time to reorient, readjust, realign, & reclaim our sense of purpose. We are asked to step into our light & embrace our shadow so we can rise to our full potential.

Scorpio is a very intense vibration & can be somewhat reactive so stay mindful. Deep & mysterious, seductive & sensitive, this sign asks us to find what has been hidden, to uncover secrets, to speak out loud what has been left unsaid. We are compelled to take a closer look at our personal darkness & embrace it as a natural part of us. We are given the tools as well as the confidence to walk away, purge, detox, release & find ourselves reborn like a phoenix into a renewed sense of wholeness.

Transformation is an exhilarating, empowering, & sometimes exhausting process. This can be a very liberating vibration but also somewhat turbulent so have your tools handy. This includes resting, hydrating, communing, & laughing. Stay in gratitude & work at maintaining an elevated vibration. Meditate & ground frequently since there is a lot of energy still streaming to us through the thinner than usual veil. As such expect your gifts to be very active now with lucid dreaming, messages from beyond, psychic phenomenon, or interludes of heightened intuition increasing.

As always, be gentle with yourself & easy with your expectations of your personal victories. Most of us will be tuning in & tapping into the positive energies of transformative renewal to create healing & dynamic changes but this rarely looks the way we think it will. We are in a very powerful time both as a collective & as individuals. Regardless of the type of changes occurring, all will be illuminated under the Scorpio New Moon.



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