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December 2018 Full Cancer Moon

December 22, 2018 we are blessed with a Full Moon in giving Cancer countered by the Sun in powerful Capricorn. Today December 21, 2018 in the Northern hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice (the shortest amount of daylight of the year) & the Yule Holiday marking the Long Darkness & celebrating the Return of the Light.  We are also days away from the Christmas celebration with the transition into the New Year following shortly there after. This is a wonderful uplifting time with a harmonious vibe ready to carry you into the New Year with enthusiasm & good fortune.

* Intuitive * Inspired * Inventive *

Cancer by Alphonse Mucha

At it’s most beneficial (as it is now) Cancer energy is warm & supportive, giving & caring, resonating with the divine feminine. We are nostalgic, nurturing, & joyful under this influence. We want to give to our loved ones, support our community, indulge in self care & overall engage in compassionate exchanges. This vibration will sooth the intensity that so many of us have been experiencing & bring a calming to our senses. We will feel more inclined to treat ourselves & others gently as well as prioritize our need for relief so that we may restore ourselves. Salt baths, essential oils like rose or lavender, pampering & primping, body work, & of course meditation should be every day activities for the time being. As well as the prep work that comes with the Sea Goat vibration…


Innovative * Intense * Invigorated

Capricorn by Bernard Rangel

The influence of Capricorn will encourage us to focus on our plans for growth in 2019 with a slow & steady pace that is structured for the long haul. This sign resonates with the divine masculine offering strength, wisdom, & patience. We are asked to prioritize our work, hone our practice to the point of craftsmanship, assume our responsibilities with maturity & set our goals practically. We are also prompted to envision far into the future, build for the next generations & be willing to leave a legacy. As we tap into this energy we feel ready to be diligent & devoted to getting down to the work of creating our prosperous & happy future.


The Alchemical Wedding by Emily Balivet

There is a potent confluence of cosmic events offering us fertile grounds to cultivate our success upon as the divine feminine (Cancer) mingles with the divine masculine (Capricorn). Dream big for 2019, it will be a year of creativity, joy, & community. With this lunation we are given what we need to begin to fertilize & conceive our dreams so that they may be born into the New Year strong & ready to grow. Powerful & loving, nurturing & goal oriented its a marriage of energies that creates greatness. Let your love flow, find your groove, allow your intuition to guide you, become heart centered & envision your path forward under the light of the Cancer Full Moon.


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