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2019 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On the cusp of the overnight from Sunday January 20, 2019 into Monday January 21, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon blooming just within the very first degree of Leo that is Eclipsed by the Sun in Aquarius by only a few hours. This is a potent & powerful quantum space of release & rebirth.

We are each of us a bridge between the past & the future. We hold space in this liminal moment for ourselves as we embody both what was & the potential of what is yet to be. Our future is dictated not by what happened before but by what we choose to do in this moment. In the Now, anything is possible as the future is created by our choices. As we experience Now we activate our future through what we choose to carry forward from our past as well as what we choose to reach towards. Each & every decision we make Now helps create tomorrow. Often these choices are colored by our expectations, our upbringing, our triggers, our fears, our baggage, & we can easily fall into patterns of despair, disempowerment or dis-ease.

We are given in this powerful Lunar Eclipse energy the vision to see what is limiting us, the recognition of what is preventing our success, & the understanding of what makes us feel small. We are offered the support to identify & release what no longer serves us, clearing our way of those old habits & thought patterns. We are gifted the courage to choose what is best for us, to release the pre-programmed responses & historical expectations so that we can step forward proudly into a new paradigm. We are encouraged to surrender our smallness, empower ourselves, & claim our divine right to joy.

This lunation offers us a fresh start (the Sun & the Moon meet at Zero degrees), a breath of brave fire (from leo), a wash of clearing air (from aquarius) to stoke that flame, & a moment of illumination (through the eclipse) to help us recognize our truth so that we can activate our most authentic self through a cosmic reset. Clear the way, shake off the debris, re-calibrate to your bright future with an empowered & confident commitment to your own happiness & success.

We are blessed in the light of this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to know exactly what must be claimed & precisely what must be left behind while given the support to do so.


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