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2019 March Libra Full Moon

March 20, 2019 we are blessed with the first of two Libra Full Moon’s for this year. This particular lunation is at the zero degrees mark of the sign of the Scales countered by the Sun at zero degrees of Aries boosting the intensity & activating many of us to purge & release what is tipping us off balance. As we ease into the next season with the Equinox just a few hours before, we are offered by the current cosmic alignment the energy & equanimity to find more harmony in our lives.

Libra by Sushila Burgess

The focus of the Aries/Libra axis is on relationships with us being pulled by what we need vs what others need. This is a significant point for boundary setting & shifting perspectives as Mercury re-trograde has us keyed into the vibrations of re-flection, re-visiting, re-orientation, re-viewing, re-programming, & re-negotiation. This is the time when we are supported to stand up for ourselves, to be of service to others, & to dedicate ourselves to harmonizing our relationships.

Aries by Sushila Burgess

Through this period Aries will goad us into action & Libra will guide us into balance while Mercury will give us the perspective we need to do our best as we grow. We will feel supported in knowing if it’s time to stay, time to leave or to shift, to declare “no more” or to affirm ourselves, to make major adjustments or slight tweaks. We will find ourselves focused on what is necessary to be healthy & whole in our closer relationships specifically. This is not always easy & it can (of course) lead to drama, trauma, & turmoil as not everyone is willing to fully participate or step up.

Strength by Sushila Burgess

Keep your self heart centered to help you through the coming decisions & situations. Remember too that this is just the entry into this vibration, next month will be the culmination of this energy as we find ourselves illuminated & empowered by the Libra Full Moon yet again.


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