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2019 April Libra Full Moon

Aries by mh zhou

In the early hours of April 19, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in the last degree of Libra (consideration) countered by the Sun in the last degree of Aries (action). The energy here is ripe with final decisions, proclamations of freedom, the release of burdens, & the letting go of what has become too heavy to bear.

Libra by mh zhou

We are likely to experience a culmination of the energy or events from the March 20, 2019 Full Moon that was also focused on the Libra/Aries interplay. The themes of relationships & connections are the focus now & the necessity for balance within them reinforced with the repeating lunation.

What are you telling your body with the sleep habits/food choices that you make? How are you actively growing your relationships? In what ways are you withholding & from whom? Is your heart leading you to share or is your trauma propelling you to shut down?

Bold Aries goads us into doing for ourselves while nurturing Libra encourages us to take care of our community as well, both ensuring that our relationships are healthy, balanced, & bring a greater sense of well being under the light of the Libra Full Moon.

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