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2019 May Full Moon in Scorpio

In the afternoon of May 18, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio balanced by the Sun in the sensual sign of Taurus. We are invited now to release, to pull from within unburdening ourselves, to welcome healing on all levels from chakra to cells, to empower our journey into clearer, stronger versions of our authentic self.

Scorpio is deep, intuitive, & intense; under it’s influence we can explore our shadow side, get into the depths of any challenge or issue, uncover forgotten truths, reveal pain, & transform trauma. This catharsis can present itself from past lives, early childhood, unconscious cultural programming, old physical wounds, the stories we have learned to tell ourselves or unresolved tensions between what we want & what we believe. Expect to find themes of Path & Purpose to dominate with the Taurus energy encouraging us to take an active part in uncovering our personal truths by unlocking the lies that bind us so we may be freely ourselves.

This process of releasing can feel all consuming, overwhelming, & exhausting. Be kind to yourself & others, this is not a weekend for pushing anyone (including yourself) into more than can be handled. We are here to experience our unique perspectives & individuality so find courage in making your way through while shunning judgement or comparisons to others. We all need healing, no matter how successful we may look on the outside, each of us harbors burdens & this lunation intends to lighten them.

This is your evolution, this is your illumination of truth, this is your healing & it won’t look like any one else’s. Nor is it likely to look as you expect. Trust & have faith, you are being led into greater health & wellbeing. We are all being asked, independently, collectively, globally, to step forward & claim our sovereign right to wellbeing. We heal each other by healing ourselves. And as we heal, the planet heals too.

So show up, show up with your scars & your wounds & your challenges too, show up to be healed, show up to find closure, show up to realize you are not alone, show up so that all of us can thrive. Be bravely you, hurt you, scared you, healing you, the real YOU in the light of the Scorpio Full Moon!

the Commander by Rassouli

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