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2019 June Sagittarius Full Moon

June 17, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in adventurous Sagittarius countered by the Sun in curious Gemini bringing generous creativity to the forefront. As we are also collectively aligning to the Heart of our Milky Way we are encouraged to be heart centered & magnanimous as we find our solutions. It’s time to solve some problems!

There is an abundance of optimism generated from a number of current cosmic alignments encouraging us to expand, grow, build, & pursue our goals with joy & purpose. A Full Moon is always a magical time brimming with inspiration & this particular lunation is more potent than most. This is the perfect time to powerfully Manifest your dreams into reality, your relationships into healthier alignment, your challenges transformed into accomplishments.

Sagittarius energy is brave & bold, honest & inquisitive, optimistic & willing; this fire sign wants us to act, to get started, make progress, reprioritize & move past any hindrances. Gemini energy is curious, open, gregarious, flexible, light & airy ready to help us understand & commune. This is a powerful combination for working out issues, discovering the way forward, creating positive momentum, resolving differences, growing into new roles, building dreams, & letting our hearts lead us.

This is a magical Moon, a manifesting Moon, a Moon for creating & for connecting with our best potentials. Be open, meditate on your heart chakra, focus on your dreams & desires while being open to insights on how to achieve them. Use crystals that are pink (rose quartz, pink tourmaline) or red (garnet, ruby) to facilitate your rituals & meditations, visualize your heart opening & follow it into the light of the Sagittarius Full Moon!

Sagittarius by Ulla Thynell


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