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2019 July Cancer New Moon Eclipse

On July 2, 2019 we are graced with a powerful New Moon in Cancer initiating the second Eclipse Season of the year. While the first series focused on themes of work, organization, will, & diligence, this time the focus is on the whispers of your heart.

This lunation is also a Full Solar Eclipse where the Sun (currently in Cancer as well) aligns with the New Moon & our planet creating a portal of transformation as the light of the Sun (consciousness/ mind) is shadowed by the Moon (unconsciousness/ spirit) so that here on Earth (self/ body) inner truths can be revealed.

Cancer energy resonates with the Feminine Divine warmly embracing community, nurturing those in need, protecting the vulnerable it is a highly creative, intuitive, & balance seeking vibration. At it’s best this water sign helps us feel safe, heals us, soothes us & allows us to rest, rejuvenate, regenerate. We feel more deeply under this influence & overall express ourselves more intensely though not always directly.

These combined influences (along with some other current cosmic happenings) support transforming your behaviors, thoughts, relationships, & feelings that may have kept you from expressing your most authentic self. We are offered clear sight & illumination as we align with our personal truths. We embrace the desire to let our deepest dreams out into the light so that we may live them openly. We realize unconscious feelings, recognize closeted truths, reveal long held secrets. We find ourselves with a redo, renovating, resetting & representing.

The effects of the Eclipse will be felt months into the future as we are gifted a heartfelt & generous ‘”Yes, And…”‘ from the Divine Mother. We get an opportunity to follow our hearts to align more closely to our Higher Self as we embrace our whole selves, in light & in shadow, to live our truth out loud in the light of the Cancer New Moon.

Cancer by Johfra Bosschart


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