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2019 July Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse

July 16, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in Capricorn countered by the Sun in Cancer & shadowed by a partial Lunar Eclipse. In addition we are currently in the midst of a Retro Dance Party involving 6 planets which means a veritable shmorgishborg of cosmic influence helping us to reprogram our futures for abundance & well-being.

Capricorn energy (the dominant vibration of this lunation) is insistent, assertive & likes to be heard. This influence is hard working focusing us on professional development, personal power, achievement & asks that we be goal oriented. We want more, do more, push for more.

Cancer energy is gentle, nurturing & very supportive which will help many of us feel more capable of doing, being, changing whatever it is Capricorn has challenged us to be focused on. We feel cared for, encouraged & ready.

The retrogrades facilitate inward contemplation to identify the burdens, barriers & beliefs that inhibit our growth in the themes of: Mercury (communication, relationships), Saturn (control, leadership), Neptune (dreams, inspiration), Jupiter (luck, plenty), Pluto (transformation, transitions), Chiron (healing, evolving).

An Eclipse is a magnifier, illuminator & eliminator who’s influence carries forward 6 months to the next eclipse season. This vibration will reverberate through the end of the year clearing the way, revealing truth & removing obstacles from our path. We find ourselves catalyzed to make the space & create the time to grow into a lighter, happier version of ourselves.

All in all we are gifted this alignment to help in our pursuit of joy & enrichment by transforming limitations & manifesting evolution towards fulfillment of our Soul Contracts. But it might tickle just a little so have a pickle under the Capricorn Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse & don’t get too caught up in the seriousness.

And you don’t have to go it alone! If you feel bullied or pushed or confounded, please contact me. I can help it all make sense & feel easier.


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